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Savash Uskent
Name: Savash Uskent
Company: THY (Turkish Airlines)
Position: Captain
Current Aircraft: NG B737-800, B737-400/500
Age N/A
Country Republic of Turkey

Airline experience: yes
Corporate or fractional experience: yes
Cargo experience: no
Military, government, or law enforcement experience: yes

Mentor profile:
I'm a holder of FAA and TCAA ATP/CFI certificates with various ratings of transport category jet aircraft. I currently work as an airline Commander (Commander is a term brought in by JAR meaning Captain in Charge of a jetliner) in THY. I'm a graduate of Naval College, Naval Academy and Air Force Jet training school. I also attended College of Journalism for 3 years on top of my graduation from Naval University. I first found out the zest of flying right after my very first flight on a T-34 mentor in 1975. The relish even further increased during the acrobatics training on T-37 jet training aircraft. After my graduation, once completing my TACCO (Tactical Coordinator, kind of an F/O in civil jetliner) flight hours, I began to fly as an aircraft commander, flight instructor, test pilot and a wing commander in Navy. I have started my civil aviation career 1985 in a charter Airline (Istanbul airlines) flying across Europe on SE-210 Caravelle jetliner. I could not find any attraction in Chartering flights as compared to naval flight, so I began a new career in business and commercial aviation (executive jet flying) throughout the world. I began to fly directly as a bizjet captain, instructor and test pilot, serving various businessmen of the world. I worked under the operation of Jet Aviation, Universal and Air Routing International with bizjet type ratings of; LR-35 (Learjet-35A), LR55 and 55C (Learjet-55), LR-60 (Learjet-60), CL-60 (Challenger 601-3A). I flew on Hawkers (BAe-800), Citation-III, Falcon-50, and G-IV without type ratings but for test or route check purposes as a test and check pilot. I started my flag carrier airline career in January 1994, in Turkish Airlines Airbus-310/300-200 fleet as a first officer. I flew as an F/O for one and a half year mostly on long haul (Extended Range) flights. In the beginning of 1996 I was assigned as Flight Commander (Captain in Charge) on British Aerospace-146 (Avrojet-100) for one year. Since 1997 I've been flying as a Flight Commander (Captain in Charge) on Boeing 737-400/500 and NG (Next Generation) Boeing 737-800 Aircraft. My schedule is really busy. But I'll do my best to help out young pilots or future pilots as much as I can squeeze out of my days off. Enjoy.

Favorite thing about flying:
International Flights gives you the opportunity of knowing the world and world's people.
Disadvatages of being a pilot:
High Responsibility in Flag carrier flying. As if you are always walking right on the sharp edge of a knife. If you ever fall once, you're gone..(Out of life or else out of business)

What you would have done different:
I feel as if I tried every possible version of flying career. And my way I feel good.
Advice to aspiring pilots:
Stay out of megalomania, now your limits, feel confident but stay off overconfidence. Know that, there is always a new thing is waiting for you to be discovered by yourself.
Problems encounterd along the way:
I have encountered no difficulties in my aviation career, that is I believe thanks to my overall positive attitude.

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