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Terry Vickers
Name: Terry Vickers
Company: Atlantic Coast Airlines
Position: First Officer
Current Aircraft: CRJ
Age N/A
Country USA

Airline experience: yes
Corporate or fractional experience: no
Cargo experience: no
Military, government, or law enforcement experience: no

Mentor profile:
I started flying back in the military as a flight engineer and loadmaster on the C-130 and C-141. 5 years ago I started my pilot training, I was on a fast track to finish early. From start to finish it took me about 1 1/2 years. I got my CFI and did work to build up time. Then I got the break of flying right seat in an King Air 90, after 500 hours I was sent to Simcom to get checked out. Then I started flying a Lear Jet and Citation Jet. By the time I interviewed with ACA I have over 3500 hours civilian and 3600 hours military.

Favorite thing about flying:
Teaching what I have learned over the years
Disadvatages of being a pilot:
I would say the cost involved. Unless you get in the military the price range will run about 15,000 to 25,000 dollars.

What you would have done different:
I would have started sooner
Advice to aspiring pilots:
Make a plan on how to complete everything up to the interview. Then go to work to finish.
Problems encounterd along the way:
Getting the time in an multi-engine aircraft

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