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JB Swift
Name: JB Swift
Company: USMC
Position: Instructor
Current Aircraft: FA-18, T-2C
Age N/A
Country USA

Airline experience: no
Corporate or fractional experience: no
Cargo experience: no
Military, government, or law enforcement experience: yes

Mentor profile:
Following my graduation from college, I entered the USMC via the Platoon Leaders Class as my commissioning source. After seven months of infantry platoon commanders training in Quantico, VA, I started flight school in Pensacola, FL. I attended primary flight training (T-34C) in Corpus Christi, TX, and was selected for jet training in Kingsville, TX (T-2C, T-45A). After getting my wings, I went to Cecil Field, FL for transition training in the FA-18. I joined my fleet squadron at MCAS Beaufort, SC. During my three plus years in the fleet, my squadron deployed to Aviano, Italy, Japan, and Hungary. Following my fleet tour, I was assigned to NAS Meridian, MS as a flight instructor flying the T-2C.

Favorite thing about flying:
Every flight presents a new challenge.
Disadvatages of being a pilot:
None, being a Marine officer and a Naval aviator is the best experience of my life. I wouldn't change a thing.

What you would have done different:
I would have gotten some flight time prior to entering flight school.
Advice to aspiring pilots:
Let your actions speak for yourself, and don't be afraid to ask questions.
Problems encounterd along the way:
As a USMC pilot, I kept my spouse informed as to what I was doing. This made it easier for both of us, especially when I was undergoing a trying time in my training.

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