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Eric Martin
Name: Eric Martin
Company: Skywest Airlines
Position: First Officer
Current Aircraft: CRJ
Age N/A
Country USA

Airline experience: yes
Corporate or fractional experience: no
Cargo experience: no
Military, government, or law enforcement experience: no

Mentor profile:
I started flying in 1988 as a Private Pilot for fun, progressing thru Instrument and Commercial Multi-Engine. Adding an Airframe & Power plant Mechanics license seemed logical. In 1992 no-one was hiring pilots(furlough times), so I worked as a mechanic and ferry pilot, delivering A/C all over North America. I then got a job flying traffic watch in a Grumman Cheetah, which led to a job with a 135 operator on the same field flying 100-200 series Cessna’s. While flying 135 that led me to a company that had a C-310 but no pilot, to deliver and pick up thrust reverser parts and components. I then met a mechanic who referred me to a freight company that did contract maintenance (Airpac Airlines C-404,BE-99).I was then hired to fly freight, single pilot , BE-99 and CE-404 contracted to UPS.I was then hired by Trans States Airlines as a first officer in the J-32 until TSA left California. I then applied to Skywest Airlines and was hired as a F/O in the EMB-120, transitioned to the CL-65 after 1.5 years. Currently flying the line as a semi-senior F/O.

Favorite thing about flying:
The view
Disadvatages of being a pilot:
Not Available

What you would have done different:
Endure, enjoy the path leading to the airlines, remember the journey is the fun stuff too!
Advice to aspiring pilots:
Prepare yourself financially, 2 years at first year pay almost drove me to bankruptcy.
Problems encounterd along the way:
Not Available

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