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Peter Cappadona
Name: Peter Cappadona
Company: FAA Flight Standards
Position: B727, B737 Director of Training
Current Aircraft: B-737, B-727 DC-9, HS-125, BE-300
Age N/A
Country USA

Airline experience: yes
Corporate or fractional experience: no
Cargo experience: no
Military, government, or law enforcement experience: yes

Mentor profile:
Massachusetts Air National Guard. Northeastern University Lecturer. Flight Instructor & Air Taxi Pilot. Mechanical Technician.M.I.T. C.S. Draper Labs. INS, Apollo Guidance Navigation & Control, Scientific Research Group. Undergraduate Degrees: A.S. Mechanical & Aviation Technology, B.S. Industrial Technology. Engineering Flight Test Pilot @ M.I.T. Lincoln Labs. Phased Array Radars, Mode "S", TCAS & other DOD DARPA Programs Projects. Braniff International Flight Engineer & Pilot B-727 DC-8. Check Airman, Domestic Worldwide Operations.......Furloughed FAA Flight Standards Operations Inspector. Detroit, FAA Academy, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas NV, Houston TX., Baton Rouge LA.and back to FAA Academy Oklahoma. Carrier Oversight: Chrysler Ford Motor Co. GM, Airborne Express, ATI, Zantop, Trans Continental, Republic, North Central. Tracinda, Delta, Western, PSA, Steve Winn's Golden Nugget, Mergers Continental Airlines, Texas Air, Transtar, People's Express, New York Air, Frontier, Eastern Airlines, Gulf Air, TACA China, Chile, Eastern Block, Oceana, Asia International Inspectors. Chief of Standardization & Eval Flight Inspection Aviation Systems Standards HS125 & BE-300,with USAFRes. 517th & USAF 1st Flight Inspection. Presently Flight Standards FAA Academy, Director of Inspector 14 CR 142 & SFAR 58 AQP Training Boeing 727 and 737NG.... Course Manager of ASAP Aviation Safety Inspectors... ATP, Gold Seal CFI, CFII, FE, AGI, IGI, A/D, Comm. Glider, SESea.

Favorite thing about flying:
Sailplanes, Seaplanes, Primary Training. Engineering Flight Test.
Disadvatages of being a pilot:
Moving, Traveling, Maintaining Solid Relationships & Family (No kids).

What you would have done different:
Investment Banker, Presbyterian Minister, Medical Doctor...
Advice to aspiring pilots:
Get a Solid useable College Education with a backup career or sideline business. Find a good solid honorable woman...The First Time or Remain a Bachelor.
Problems encounterd along the way:
First Job....Then it just unfolds, and you roll with the punches ups and downs, career ebbs and flows

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